Black Parachute Webbing Leash with Chrome Chain and Clasp (1" X 5')


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If you have a large dog that stresses and breaks every leash you get, then maybe you should try this Parachute Webbing Leash from Ruffin'itâ„¢. This leash is made from the same tubular webbing used for military parachutes. The difference between tubular webbing and regular nylon leashes is that the individual threads are shaped like tubes (as opposed to the flat webbing of most nylon leashes) and reinforced from the inside out. When woven together, the leash's webbing has a break strength of over 5,000 pounds! The chain section of the leash will discourage your dog from trying to chew or ";grab"; at the leash when you are walking them. Now you can keep even the strongest canine companion at ease.